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@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
import cmd
import threading
from queue import Queue
from equipment.turtle_device import TurtleDevice
class TurtleDeviceThread(threading.Thread):
# TODO(Homework 4)
def __init__(self):
self.device = TurtleDevice()
self.queue = Queue()
class NoBlockingTurtleShell(cmd.Cmd):
intro = 'Welcome to the turtle shell. Type help or ? to list commands.\n'
prompt = '(turtle) '
file = None
def __init__(self, turtle_thread: TurtleDeviceThread):
pass # TODO(Homework 4)
def do_execute(self, arg):
pass # TODO(Homework 4)
def do_exit(self, arg):
pass # TODO(Homework 4)
if __name__ == '__main__':
turtle_thread = TurtleDeviceThread()
# TODO(Homework 4: Correct start thread)

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@ -0,0 +1,74 @@
import cmd, sys
from turtle import *
class TurtleShell(cmd.Cmd):
intro = 'Welcome to the turtle shell. Type help or ? to list commands.\n'
prompt = '(turtle) '
file = None
# ----- basic turtle commands -----
def do_forward(self, arg):
'Move the turtle forward by the specified distance: FORWARD 10'
def do_right(self, arg):
'Turn turtle right by given number of degrees: RIGHT 20'
def do_left(self, arg):
'Turn turtle left by given number of degrees: LEFT 90'
def do_goto(self, arg):
'Move turtle to an absolute position with changing orientation. GOTO 100 200'
def do_home(self, arg):
'Return turtle to the home position: HOME'
def do_circle(self, arg):
'Draw circle with given radius an options extent and steps: CIRCLE 50'
def do_position(self, arg):
'Print the current turtle position: POSITION'
print('Current position is %d %d\n' % position())
def do_heading(self, arg):
'Print the current turtle heading in degrees: HEADING'
print('Current heading is %d\n' % (heading(),))
def do_color(self, arg):
'Set the color: COLOR BLUE'
def do_undo(self, arg):
'Undo (repeatedly) the last turtle action(s): UNDO'
def do_reset(self, arg):
'Clear the screen and return turtle to center: RESET'
def do_bye(self, arg):
'Stop recording, close the turtle window, and exit: BYE'
print('Thank you for using Turtle')
return True
# ----- record and playback -----
def do_record(self, arg):
'Save future commands to filename: RECORD rose.cmd'
self.file = open(arg, 'w')
def do_playback(self, arg):
'Playback commands from a file: PLAYBACK rose.cmd'
with open(arg) as f:
def precmd(self, line):
line = line.lower()
if self.file and 'playback' not in line:
print(line, file=self.file)
return line
def close(self):
if self.file:
self.file = None
def parse(arg):
'Convert a series of zero or more numbers to an argument tuple'
return tuple(map(int, arg.split()))
if __name__ == '__main__':